This content is for students studying with London Metropolitan University Centres

Blended learning

The world is fast becoming digital-focussed society with blended working a permanent feature for many businesses globally. Our priority is ensuring our students are equipped with the knowledge, skills and competencies to achieve course learning outcomes and the confidence to succeed in the digital revolution. Learning in a blended way helps you to develop the digital skills needed to work in a digital workplace.

Our approach to blended learning combines live online learning with face-to-face on-campus sessions. This flexibility of learning means our students can balance studying in and around other commitments as well as build friendships and join a community both live online and on-campus.

Blended learning combines timetabled live online learning with timetabled face-to-face on-campus sessions. We have designed this approach to offer our students the best of both live online and on-campus learning opportunities.

Blended learning offers students greater opportunities to interact with tutors and classmates, build friendships and a sense of community, as well as the flexibility to fit around your other commitments.

When you have timetabled live online sessions, you are not required to be on-campus, but you can still book a study space on-campus and access the facilities and support services.

  • The number of live contact hours that you have with your lecturers remains the same
  • You will have timetabled sessions delivered face-to-face on campus
  • You will have timetabled live online sessions that will allow you to participate and ask questions throughout the session
  • Support services can be accessed remotely and your campus is open so you can use campus facilities and services face-to-face at a time that works for you, either on your timetabled on-campus days or outside these times

Our blended learning method offers students greater opportunities to interact with lecturers, tutors and classmates, whilst being flexible to schedule other commitments around learning.

The benefits of blended learning:

  • Ability to study full-time whilst balancing work and family commitments
  • Cost and time in travelling to campus is reduced
  • Live online sessions allow for real-time interaction and engagement during your class
  • Recordings of live online sessions to watch back when preparing for assessments
  • Experience a vibrant campus community, access the study facilities and support services whilst making friends and connections
  • Enhance your employability by demonstrating you successfully studied in a blended learning environment as part of your degree – a key requirement in today’s digitally focussed businesses

Throughout the pandemic, there were 2 key and consistent messages in feedback from our students from end of module surveys, return to campus surveys and Staff Student Liaison Committees.

This includes:

  • Students valued the benefits of live online learning in terms of reduced travel time and cost to attend classes. Access to session recordings also proved popular, being particularly useful when preparing for assessment
  • Students missed the facetoface interaction with both their fellow classmates and the teaching team

As such we have a responsibility to equip you with the key skillsets to win in the digital revolution. The move to blended learning will play an important role in enhancing your employability. The ability to effectively study in a blended learning environment will help you succeed in the workforce and enhance your career prospects.

You will need reliable internet connection to access your live online sessions and learning resources.

As such you should have:

  • Access to a computer (desktop/laptop) that is less than 5 years old
  • Speakers/headphones/earbuds for listening to audio or video presentations
  • A webcam – lots of laptops will have these inbuilt

The live online sessions can be accessed via smartphone, but it is recommended that you have access to a laptop or a PC for ease of use, joining class discussions and completing assessments. If you have any queries or concerns around the equipment you plan to use, please do not hesitate to contact our very helpful ACE Team for advice via emailACELDN@qa.com.

You will be given access to Microsoft Office 365 once you are registered on your programme, free of charge.

Timetables are made available in advance of semester start to help facilitate planning your schedule. It is important to attend both live online sessions and face-to-face on-campus learning, engagement is essential for success and progression on your course.

Daytime students

If you are a daytime student, you will typically have 2 days of tuition per week your sessions will be on-campus for 1 of those days and the other day will take place online.

Evening and weekend students

Evening and weekend blended timetables will typically follow one of the below patterns each week with the pattern staying the same for the whole semester:

  • 2 evenings live online and weekend day face-to-face on-campus, or
  • 2 evenings face-to-face on-campus and 1 weekend day live online

Yes, you will continue to have the opportunity to access campus facilities for learning activities and support services, including outside of your timetabled days. These will continue to be offered both on-campus and live online and can be booked online.

This includes:

  • ACE Team 1-2-1 appointments
  • Student Welfare Team 1-2-1 appointments
  • Student Finance Team 1-2-1 appointments
  • Library resources in Rosebery Avenue and Birmingham
  • Private bookable study space – these can also be used if you choose to join your live online classes from your device on-campus.

Your tutors will also be available for appointments if you would like to talk through any of your modules, ask questions, discuss assignments etc. Please email your tutor to arrange these.

No. Our approach to blended learning involves timetabled live online learning and timetabled face-to-face on-campus learning. Attendance at all sessions, live online and in the classroom, is compulsory with attendance taken and followed up in line with our attendance policy. As a result, eligibility for maintenance loans is not impacted.