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Published on Wednesday 16th of February 2022

International students looking to study a postgraduate degree at Northumbria University in partnership with QA 糖心Vlog Education can now choose from three new Pre-Masters programmes.

The Pre-Masters have been designed specifically for international students wishing to develop their English language skills and develop expertise in the respective disciplines of Business, Computing and or Engineering.


The Pre-Master’s courses have been designed to help students to settle in and raise their awareness of level 7’s academic culture and conventions at Northumbria University.

The pathway college at Northumbria University has helped countless students bridge the gap between their undergraduate skills and knowledge and accelerate their expertise to their chosen postgraduate study and prepare them for a successful career.

Simin Baloochzadeh, Lecturer in Computing, Engineering, and Mathematics, Pathway College, Northumbria University, said: “International students who are eager to progress into the disciplines of Business, Computing and Engineering but do not have the required English language and or academic level for direct entry can now apply to our Pre-Masters courses.”

The Pre-Masters in Business, Computing and Engineering have been designed for those who are independent learners looking to expand their research, comprehension and presentational skills in an analytical academic context.

In addition to classroom-based learnings, students will also have the support and expertise of academics and support services to settle into life at university. Throughout the progression of the Pre-Masters, the classroom-based contact hours will reduce in preparation for learning at a level 7 master’s study.

Take the first step to enhance your career

Head of Pathway Centres, Ruth Perkins said: “We are delighted to add Pre-Masters in Business, Computing and Engineering to the fantastic portfolio of Level 3 and 4 programmes at the Northumbria Pathway.”

The Pre-Masters is the first step for ambitious international students in achieving a high-quality postgraduate qualification which will enhance career aspirations and provide an opportunity to experience learning in a culturally vibrant university and city.

Pre-Masters in Business

Offering international students, the option to study a one semester or two semesters programme, depending on their entry level, the Pre-Masters in Business is a full-time classroom-based programme. Completion will enable students to meet the entry requirements of postgraduate programmes in the AACSB-accredited Faculty of Business and Law at Northumbria University.

Simin Baloochzadeh explained: “One of the Northumbria University visions is to deliver research-rich courses to put academic excellence at the heart of everything. Studying Pre-master’s in business enables students to develop their knowledge and awareness of current research areas.”

Growth of international businesses such as automotive, pharmaceutical etc, in the northeast of the UK makes Newcastle a suitable destination for business students would like to find part-time career during their pre-masters and postgraduate studies.

Studying a combination of subject-specific business modules and a strong focus on developing English language, studying and academic skills to progress on to postgraduate studies and secure employability beyond university. The Pre-Masters in Business will help to contextualise learning and develop key skills in understanding business leadership and management.

Pre-Masters in Computing

The Pre-Masters in Computing is aimed at international students who already have an undergraduate qualification and are looking to progress and specialise in a master’s level in computing. Studying the graduate diploma or graduate certificate,

Based on entry requirements, students will study either one semester or two semesters programme, where they will be equipped with the skills and knowledge of essential computing concepts. The modules have been designed to enhance critical thinking and develop writing skills to succeed in a master’s degree, moving forward with transferable skills for teamwork, presentations, meeting deadline and academic research.

Simin Baloochzadeh said: “During this course, computing students will involve in various group activities which enables them to gain the skills required to work in multi-cultural teams. Moreover, students will be supported by professional lecturers to enhance their communication and critical thinking skills when presenting their work to a diverse audience.”

Pre-Masters in Engineering

Students who select to study the Pre-Master’s in Engineering will develop their practical skills in academic research and in applying scientific principles. A key focus is on the mathematical and computational techniques to develop effective and sustainable solutions and products that meet the current business and industrial needs. Students will develop an understanding of the academic conventions required to succeed at the postgraduate level.

Students will study a combination of subject-specific engineering/mathematics modules alongside an academic skills module which will focus on teaching the English language, study skills, employability, and academic skills necessary to successfully progress in their postgraduate studies.

Similar to the Business and Computing Pre-Master’s, students will learn in a contextualised environment to develop learning and understanding of higher-level engineering concepts and theories to support progression directly into a range of postgraduate engineering programmes.

“Northumbria University has invested in their specialist engineering laboratory resources recently”, Simin Baloochzadeh explained. This investment enables the engineering faculty to deliver impactful research projects alongside high-quality teaching and learning. During the Pre-Master’s in Engineering students will have access to laboratory resources and various engineering software to implement their subject specific knowledge when solving real life engineering problems.

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